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Fulfilment of Light

Modern life is asking a different kind of attention and speed from us than from our ancestors. Values have changed and perspectives are moving over the years. We live hasty, devoted to our jobs, hobbies and loved ones. Slowly losing connection to the greater coherence, life itself, the things that make us feel puny.

When we start to be open for reconnection with the greater level magical things can happen. A source of inspiration that has been there all along but never been noticed.

Fulfilment of Light is a hand-drawn animation of charcoal and pastels.


It tells a story about a woman who can't get to sleep and takes action. By stepping out of the rush, the living environment she opens herself up for the universe and endless inspiration.

The Making Off

Thank you for all the support!

21.500 people visited the Foederer Talent Award 2016 exposition.

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