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- Beautiful rain -

A rain shower makes me enjoy and live in the moment. You can’t predict it unto the second which makes it a surprise every time it starts to rain, although you see the clouds coming up ahead. It tickles your skin but you can’t scratch it. 


A haze enclosing you. You hear sound, see and feel the surrounding blurring away. You feel separated by this cloudy curtain of water particles.


It forms a shape, a space, you own space. The only space there is it seems. This makes the rain even more infinite into the distance, it makes you disorientate. The things passing by and standing still are smudging together, you can’t see clear.


You float in a universe of rain particles, hugging you as a moving untouchable mist.


Rain is something that is always there in the Netherlands. Research is showing that the rain showers will come more often and more intense in the future due to global warming.

I want to show the beauty in rain. Rain makes me happy and let me enjoy the moment better.


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